Here we go…

First blog and I’m sat talking to myself saying come in make it a good one! But how do I know what the world wants to hear? I mean I’m not feeling the pressure all that much I will pick what I like and see if u can roll with it … She says sitting here with her zero followers!

My brain is constantly on overload to a really unessacery point where at regular points throughout the day I sit thinking ‘shut the hell up!’ Not that much attention is paid to my demanding statements … How inconvenient!

The frequent brain activity is accompanied by two highly away acquainted little figures who spend the day on each shoulder contradicting each other in order to have there way the way I go! It all sounds crazy weird but in the grand scheme of things it’s just a way of life and most at some point will have also made friends/or enemies depending, with two miniature figurines

Call them what you want
Good cop - bad cop
Heaven - hell
Peter and Paul - nursery rhyme?
Angel and devil

I guess for everyone it’s just a comfort to know u don’t have these too just nagging at you a load of other silent people are having fun (word not chosen wisely) with the quirky emotion figures living on our shoulders :)

When the world is on your shoulders just smile and let it go 😘